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vodka American Vodka Made in USA

American Vodka 

American Vodka – Made in USA

American vodka started playing a role in vodka history in the 1950’s. Although the Smirnoff company is the first Russian vodka to be introduced into the United States, many vodka entrepreneurs had released their own American brands of vodkas. Since the 50’s, American vodka brands have been contending with an enormous variety of Swedish, English, Polish, and Russian origin vodkas. In many countries, American vodka is frowned upon in disdain or may not quite measure up to standards of foreign vodka. Nevertheless. American vodka has been climbing its way through with several U.S. brands being on some top-selling vodka lists.

American vodka brands are ranked and reviewed highly in comparison to other foreign competitive brands. Here are a few of the top selling American vodka brands that are known as some of the best made in the world:

  • SKYY Vodka. Produced in San Francisco, SKYY Vodka is among the best selling United States derived vodkas sold today. Known for its cobalt blue signature bottle, and reasonable price. It acclaims that it has fewer impurities than other foreign vodkas and takes its lead in the top 5 brands made in the United States.

  • RAIN Vodka. One of the newer brands of American vodka with a unique organic twist. Derived from organic grains, containing no preservatives, chemicals, or toxins. RAIN Vodka has joined the organic and environmentally friendly bandwagon. Sure to reach the standards of traditional American vodka brands, this one is to say the least- average.

  • Smirnoff Vodka. This can be confusing, Smirnoff was originally a Russian vodka but is now produced and manufactured strictly for and within United States. It was the first vodka to be introduced in America and definitely has reigned as one of the kings of vodkas. Now U.S. based it is more popular than ever.
  • American Luxury Vodka. Perhaps an unknown or not up with the advertising and publicity of other American brands of vodka, but still just as supreme in its refined quality and exceptional taste. This is the brand to watch closely. American Luxury Vodka is increasing in popularity and notoriety. Soon to be of greatness and already possessing the traits to make it largely popularized.

  • O-N Vodka. Another organic vodka is O-N Vodka. This American derived vodka is steadily skyrocketing to the top of the rankings in America. It is strictly comprised of organic rye, and has a refined and crisp taste that is sure to make it highly-obtainable by its affordability and genuine smooth flavored taste.

  • Tito Vodka. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas’ first and oldest legal distillery. It’s made in small batches in an old fashioned pot still by Tito Beveridge, a 40-something Geologist, and distilled six times. If the Russian ever attack the United States, one thing is clear, they won’t mess with Texas. Tito Homemade Vodka gives you that same smooth, refined quality of its Stoli Elit Russian competitor.

American vodka brands are absolutely changing minds and personal opinions. Stay tuned for more Made in America vodkas to emerge and challenge the foreign premium quality vodkas.

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