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SKYY Vodka


SKYY Vodka is a newer vodka in the United States. It was created by Maurice Kambar who named it after the pristine blue sky that shined above his hometown of San Francisco. He developed the idea of SKYY Vodka in the late 80‘s, however it was not until 1992 that his dream to become a leading brand in the vodka industry began it’s climb to reality. One of the most unique features that people recognize SKYY Vodka from is its signature blue glass bottle. It is pretty hard to miss considering it is a vivid cobalt shade. The SKYY bottle set itself apart from brands on the shelf. The taste and makes SKYY Vodka one of the most popular sold brands in the United States.

SKYY Vodka offers several different types of vodkas including their infusion line of flavored vodka that includes pineapple, passions fruit, cherry, raspberry, grape, and citrus. SKYY is often thought of as a mid-grade to premium brand vodka. SKYY Vodka smooth taste raved about and sold for about $12 - $60 depending on the size bottle and the type. SKYY Vodka is made in the United States it is uniquely distilled, filtrated, and comprised out of grain. It possesses a distinct taste, because it goes through a specialized process of several filtrations and a premium distillation process.

Among the many different types of SKYY Vodka on the market, they have the infusion line, traditional SKYY, and luxury SKYY. Many consumers must like this brand of vodka because it is one of the top selling brands of vodka in the United States, however everyone has a particular preference in the type of vodka they choose to consume. The rating and reviews for SKYY Vodka are quite positive, SKYY brand tends to hold its own in the vodka competitions among other leading brands.

Here are a few reviews that consumers say about the San Francisco SKYY Vodka brand:

  • Sweet flavor, and clean taste
  • Makes an excellent mixer
  • SKYY - bland and boring
  • Relatively inexpensive great in mixed drinks
  • Crisp and smooth with little aftertaste
  • Hits hard and unexpectedly
  • Very appealing labeling and bottle
  • Fewer impurities clean and crisp
  • Smooth mixes well

SKYY Vodka is sold just about anywhere spirits and liquors may be purchased. Most bars are well-equipped with SKYY Vodka on hand for the many requests they receive of mixed drinks and shots made with this leading vodka brand. Most people consider SKYY Vodka, a great quality for an extraordinary price. SKYY Vodka continues to be a leading competitor in the vodka market today, and with its very short history as of now, there are only greater things to come in the future for SKYY Vodka.

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