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As professional bartenders, we have been studying to be Vodka Connoisseurs. Vodka is one of the oldest beverages. There is a difference between cheap vodka brands and Expensive Premium Vodka. We hope to educate you about the wonderful world of Vodka. Come join us in "The Vodka Experience ©".  DRINK VODKA !

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vodka Blog

Vodka Blog

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Vodka Blog 
New Triple Distilled and Charcoal Filtered ERISTOFF Vodka made with Original Recipe Created in 1806

One of Europe's most popular spirits, ERISTOFF™, will be introduced in the United States by Bacardi USA.. ERISTOFF will be available nationally in three varieties: ERISTOFF Original (80 proof), ERISTOFF Red (40 proof) and ERISTOFF Black (40 proof). Made from 100 percent pure grain, ERISTOFF is triple distilled using the original recipe created in 1806 by noble Prince Eristoff of present day Georgia. Adhering to the noblest traditions of vodka making, the liquid is filtered through hardwood charcoal to create an exceptionally pure, smooth spirit.

ERISTOFF Vodka is the 2008 Gold Medal recipient of the International Spirits Challenge and has been awarded the Silver Medal three consecutive years beginning in 2007 from the International Wine & Spirit Competition. ERISTOFF is available at a suggested retail price of $13.99 for a 750 ml bottle, $16.99 for a 1 liter bottle and $23.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle. More information on the company can be found at

Vodka Blog 
SKYY Spirits Unveils Two New Exotic Flavors to its All Natural SKYY Infusions® Line: Dragon Fruit and Blood Orange

SKYY® Vodka introduces new SKYY Infusions® Dragon Fruit and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange – the first of their kind available nationwide. Inspired by exotic locales and current culinary trends, these new infusions blend authentic dragon fruit and blood orange with SKYY's premium distilled vodka, creating two alluring, distinctively different spirits. All Natural SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit, which has already been awarded a Gold Medal by the prestigious Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago, and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange join the brand's existing line of unexpected flavors, which includes Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit.

Both All Natural SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit and SKYY Infusions Blood Orange will be available nationwide starting in February in 50ml ($1.99 MSRP), 750ml ($18.49 MSRP) and 1L ($26.49 MSRP) sized bottles. The launches will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign featuring advertising, social media activities and on-/off-premise promotions. Skyy Spirits was founded and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. More information on the company can be found at

Vodka Blog
Absolut Introduces New Flavor Sensation: Absolut Wild Tea Black Tea From China

For thousands of years, oolong – or “black dragon” tea has inspired kings and cultures all over the world. Now, its dark tones and mysterious richness have been introduced to the wild, delicate character of Nordic elderflower and harmonized with a smooth, mellow vodka base. This unexpected flavor mixes perfectly, and brings excitement to a wide variety of drinks. ABSOLUT WILD TEA will be available in January 2011 at bars, restaurants and retailers in the US.

ABSOLUT WILD TEA brings together the dark tones and mysterious richness of black tea, and the delicate character of Nordic white elderflower. It has a fresh aroma with hints of black tea, elderflower, red apples and citrus. The taste is rich and fruity with tones of black tea, natural sweetness and smoothness. ABSOLUT WILD TEA is a great spirit for mixing, as it goes perfectly with both sweet and sour mixers. For Absolut Drink Recipes, Visit

Vodka Blog
Chopin Vodka Brings Chopin Rye to the U.S. Market in March 2011

In 1997, the introduction of Chopin Potato Vodka to the U.S. market changed the way the world thinks about, and drinks, vodka. Now, the distinctive black-labeled potato spirit will be joined by red-labeled Chopin Rye on the shelves of select U.S. retailers in March 2011.

The U.S. debut of Chopin Rye, long available in Poland, marks a new milestone for the Chopin brand, which pioneered the luxury vodka category. Chopin is one of only a few vodka producers to distill its own spirits and it pursues the art of vodka making with a passion worthy of its namesake, the legendary Polish composer Frederic Chopin. That passion extends to educating the world on the often-missed subtleties of this centuries-old spirit.

Family-owned in the Podlasie region of Poland, Chopin is one of the few vodka producers to distill its own spirits. A small team shepherds its product from farm to bottle under the watchful eye of Chopin’s inventor and master distiller, whose signature is on every bottle. Chopin Vodka is imported in the U.S. by Chopin Imports in Manhasset, NY. For more information, visit

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