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Absolut Mandrin Punch Cocktail

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As professional bartenders, we have been studying to be Vodka Connoisseurs. Vodka is one of the oldest beverages. We hope to educate you about the wonderful world of the Absolut Mandrin Punch Cocktail. Come join us in "The Vodka Experience ©".  DRINK VODKA !

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Absolut Mandrin Punch Cocktail

It’s Springtime… Hopefully the sunshine will make all the snowy cold days drift away. Turn on your heat lamp, toss out a blanket in the living room, get the beach chair, dress in shorts and t-shirt, and groove to latin jazz… The Absolut Mandrin Punch Cocktail is your perfect drink to dream your stress away!

Absolut Mandrin Punch Cocktail Recipe
1 Part Lemon Juice
1 Part Simple Syrup
2 Halves Mandarin
1 Wedge Mandarin

How to Mix Absolut Mandrin Punch Cocktail
Muddle mandarin in a highball glass. Add ABSOLUT Mandrin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Fill with crushed ice. Stir. Topup with champagne. Garnish with mandarin.


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